The Next Generation of Forex Analysis

i) For just $1 you can experience MVTV by getting access to 3 of our live FX broadcasts
ii) To do so, simply complete the registration form and click the ‘Get $1 Trial’ button to make a $1 payment using your credit card (Mastercard, or, VISA), or, via a PayPal transfer
iii) Once confirmed you’ll be credited with 3 free videos. With this you can view 3 separate video broadcasts on our 'Premium' (live) platform. We define a 'video' as being one perspective, for one currency pair issued on a particular date, e.g. Intra Day Update for Euro/$ for Monday August 29th 2011.
iv) A client can review all previously viewed videos as often as they wish, for as long as the video remains active on the platform and as long as their account remains active - even if the account balance reaches zero. NB However, the review service will be deactivated once a subscription lapses and the user still attempts to play a chargeable video. In such cases the review service will resume again in full, once the subscription is renewed.
v) Only one '$1 trial' per Email (IP Address) and per credit card is permitted. If you have benefited from an MVTV trial before, or, have subscribed on a previous occasion(s), this offer will not be validated in full. In such cases a $1 dollar payment will only be exchanged for the following:
-Previous "Trial" and "Flexible account" users: 1 (one) video Credit
-Previous "Unlimited account" users: 1 (one) hour coverage.

To get details of the several smart options you’ll have to gain on-going access to MVTV following your trial, click here